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All That Remains (2011)


The Morning Rain





The Christl Wall (Triptych) Cibachrome Photograph, 2008 Winner of the OSA Award of Merit at the John B. Aird Gallery in May, 2008 & The Veridian Corporation Award, October, 2008.

The Wisdom of Water, Cibachrome photograph

My artwork is an exploration and a journey. Excited about the directions I take, I love the pauses along the way. To explore the feel of textures through the lens of a camera, to sense and capture the quality of light, to enlarge the view in any medium so that the small details are one on one with me is my goal. Sometimes I surprise myself with the view of ordinary images that smack me in the face and make me conscious of the beauty of the simple things around me.

My approach is traditional straight photography whether it be with film or digital. There is no manipulation, cropping or changes in my work. Images may be repeated within the same framework. Certain perspectives haunt me. I notice my repetition of ideas. I shoot a lot of images, develop them and store the results. Like a good wine the ideas need time to ferment and then one image comes to life.